DMV Veterans ID Card Clarification

Below is an article posted on the Delaware Veterans Coalition website about the New Veterans ID Card.  Please make sure our veterans read this information to eliminate any confusion about this program.

The Delaware Veterans Coalition emailed the Division Of Motor Vehicles for clarification of their press release ( 

We would like to thank the DMV and Senator Peterson, for recognizing those who have served in the United States Military.  We support their efforts to recognize those unsung heroes.

The Veterans ID Card will not provide any federal benefits to the veteran.  It can not be used to gain access to a military installation, nor can it be used to obtain medical care from the Veterans Administration or military facility.  Only an ID card provided by the United States Military, such as an Active Duty or Retired Military Identification card, or a Veterans Administration issued Veterans Universal Access Identification Card can provide those benefits mentioned above.

The Veterans ID Card provided by DMV and the State of Delaware is geared as a way to provide identification of Veterans within the private sector, in order to obtain benefits or discounts from businesses supporting military veterans.  To date, we are not aware of any business that will accept these ID Cards, but we certainly hope they do.  We also hope the DMV can provide a listing of those businesses that will provide discounts and other benefits to these veterans.

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